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get back up, and try again

a young girl, who wants to be her defintion of beauty and the doctors definition of thick and healthy.<3 <3 <3
Starting Weight: 263lbs**************
Ultimate Goal Weight: 180lbs*************
_________GW1: 258_________
_________GW2: 250_________
_________GW3: 244_________
_________GW4: 235_________
_________GW5: 223_________

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this is what im doing at the moment. will be completing day 7 on monday the 4th and continuing from there.


this is what im doing at the moment. will be completing day 7 on monday the 4th and continuing from there.

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i was out literally ALL day from the time i woke up, so i pigged out.

chicken strips for breakfast

fries for lunch

and chick fil a for dinner.. umm… nastiness.

on the fourth i got up and ate a piece of toast (70) a bowl of cereal (110) and a cup of orange juice (70)

then at lunch time (craaaaaap i totally forgot lunch) just kidding i didnt eat lunch

okay, i totally forgot everything, sorry.

min-tt Asked:
hey, i just started up a fitness blog, could you check it out? it is www(.)fitnessisallwewant(.)tumblr(.)com or go to my blog and there is a link to it on the "links" page :) thanks heaps

My answer:

already done hun.

to my other 3 followers (4 followers and proud!!) follow this chick! she has healthy recipes, and exercise plans :) good stuff.

i’ll post what i did today, and i’ll get some pictures up (hopefully, its incredibly nerve wrecking for me) um ya. today was horrid, sorry i broke my “promise”

once again sorry for neglecting my blog. im getting back on top of it since its summer and all. starting monday i’ll be back on and updating and whatnot. this is my summer to lose weight, and keep it off.. so, here goes.

sorry ive neglected my blog. um, ive been eating decently healthy. clif bar or cereal for breakfast. school provided lunch (ugh, im trying to save money, i get it free) dinner, salmon and rice or salmon salad.. however yesterday, my mom went to chik fil a and ordered two icecreams for her and my granny, but then the cute guy gave me a free icecream cone.. please tell me how i couldve said no, i mean he was really cute. okay, ya.. that was my yesterday

Anonymous Asked:
hey there!! im also planning on losing weight and thought that following ur blog would motivate me too! hopefully i dont give up ==. im one fat ass that needs change :p so good luck to you !

My answer:

:P thanks, we could attempt to do this together anon. yea, i think all i need is motivation. so good luck to you too! :)

so, i dont have time for breakfast in the morning so i just get school breakfast.. i got cookie crisps (i suck i know) and biscuits and gravy (so delish, but bad..) then at lunch, i didnt have $2.35 for a salad so i bought (for $1) two bags of chips.. then when i got home, i made a pb and j sandwhich then for dinner i had rice and vegetables..

so school food is unhealthy, i dont have money for “healthy” food, and my house has nothing remotely healthy besides the food im not allowed to cook because my mom wants to make something healthy into something fried and greasy. i freaking hate it. i feel like im just gunna fail this time too because now im willing to eat healthy and theres nothing to freaking eat. ugh :/