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get back up, and try again

a young girl, who wants to be her defintion of beauty and the doctors definition of thick and healthy.<3 <3 <3
Starting Weight: 263lbs**************
Ultimate Goal Weight: 180lbs*************
_________GW1: 258_________
_________GW2: 250_________
_________GW3: 244_________
_________GW4: 235_________
_________GW5: 223_________


so, i dont have time for breakfast in the morning so i just get school breakfast.. i got cookie crisps (i suck i know) and biscuits and gravy (so delish, but bad..) then at lunch, i didnt have $2.35 for a salad so i bought (for $1) two bags of chips.. then when i got home, i made a pb and j sandwhich then for dinner i had rice and vegetables..

so school food is unhealthy, i dont have money for “healthy” food, and my house has nothing remotely healthy besides the food im not allowed to cook because my mom wants to make something healthy into something fried and greasy. i freaking hate it. i feel like im just gunna fail this time too because now im willing to eat healthy and theres nothing to freaking eat. ugh :/